Top # 18 Happy Father's Day 2018 Gift Ideas

Happy Father's Day 2017 Gift Ideas: If you want to celebrate the father’s day with your dad and show him how much you love him, greet him with the best of best Happy Fathers Day wishes, greetings and messages but if you are planning to surprise him with a gift that will make his day then here are some of exciting gift ideas that you can offer to your loving dad on the father’s day:

Top 18 The Best Happy Father's Day 2018 Gift Ideas

1. Travel Poker Set:

Travel Poker set
Travel Poker set

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If your dad has liking towards the poker then travel poker set would be one of the best gifts that will make him more than happy, imagine your father playing poker with his poker buddies on a Sunday evening, wouldn’t that be priceless to see him smile? Travel poker set would be a perfect father’s day gift if your dad loves to bluff! 

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2. Multi use Swiss knife:

Multi use Swiss knife
Multi use Swiss knife

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Well everyone has some errands in day to day life that would require the small tools to accomplish the task. You can make his life a bit hassle free by gifting him an amazing Swiss knife.  On this father’s day gift him a multi-use  Swiss knife.

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3. Harmless cigarettes:

Harmless cigarettes
Harmless cigarettes

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If your father has a habit of smoking and you want to help him then here is a way you can help him gift him the harmless cigarettes which will cause very less harm to his body and his will be healthy. It would benefit both of you he can still smoke and you can worry less.

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4. Slim wallet:

Slim wallet
Slim wallet

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Have you seen your father’s wallet and it seems like very old and is torn or cut around edges then slim wallet is the gift of your choice, as your dad will be using wallet daily it will remind him about your gift and how much you love him.

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5. Favorite movie or series collection:

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A complete collection of your father’s favorite movie or series would be a good choice if your dad likes
to enjoy his free time with a beer in front of the TV.

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6. Kindle:

Well it is like the most powerful wand for reading e-books, it gives visual experience of reading a hard cover book even when reading from the e-book. If your father loves to spend his free time reading then for sure it would be the best gift that money can buy, on this father’s day surprise him with the kindle.

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7. Smartphone:

If you dad’s cell is keep on hanging or having any other issue then gift him a brand new smartphone on this father’s day, this gift will surely cost you a bit but when money can buy happiness even the temporary one then one should give it a try, especially if it is for your loving dad who has made many sacrifice to make you into what you are today.

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8. Calligraphy Set:

If your dad is into the art and designing then he would love the calligraphy set, it could be a decent gift for any art lover on the planet. Manifest your love in the form of art and present your father calligraphy set and let the creativity explode.

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9. Sports Accessories:

If you want to give enough reason for him to step on the field for some exercise then you can present this idea with his favorite sports accessories, whenever new gadgets or accessories is with us, we are so excited to use it and often makes forget everything and spend time with the new accessory, In this case it will give him reason to hit the field and stretch a bit.

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10. Collectibles:

If your father is in the collecting the collectibles then nothing else will make him happy more than the missing piece in his collection, a collectible is gift that eventually rises in the value, so whenever you do a collectible with a value it is like you are gifting him every year  a new gift. Why not exhibit your deep love for your father on this father’s day.

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11. Power Banks:

If you see your father’s Phone on the low battery all the time or he travels frequently out of station then power banks can be a phone saver, in times of long journey or in the remote places where it is hard to find charging point power bank can come to your rescue, On the father’s day express your feeling towards him with a gift of power bank.

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12. Musical Instruments:

If your father always wanted to learn a particular musical instrument or is playing any instrument then you can certainly buy him a new one as gift, it’s time to replace the old musical instrument to a new one or fill the void in his life with the music. Express your feelings along with a musical instrument that you think is perfect for your pops.

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13. Fishing Tools:

Does your dad often hit the nearest lake for fishing then it is quite easy to figure out what you are giving him on this father’s day, fishing tools and accessories  would  be very useful to him and will be glad for the gift. Show your love for your dad on this father’s day.

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14. Message Chair:

After a tiring day work who wouldn’t like a nice relaxing message, just imagine your dad getting relaxed at the end of the day on the message chair, wouldn’t he remember you and rejoice your gift, express your feelings for your dad on this father’s day.

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15. Digital Camera:

A digital camera is gift for a person who has a leaning towards nature or wild life and wants to capture it and stare at the beauty he/she has captured, If your dad has a hobby of taking photos in his smartphone then you can take his passion one step ahead by presenting him with a digital camera on this father’s day.

Gift Digital Camera

16. Digital Recorder:

If your father has a habit of forgetting things then a digital recorder is the thing you want him to carry with him so he would not forget any important tasks, in this busy life there is so much to remember, why not use a digital recorder for remembering tasks? On this father’s day present your dad with a digital recorder so he does not forget anything.

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17. Laptop:

If your dad’s old laptop or desktop is hanging and giving him hard time over preparing presentations and presenting them or he cannot use latest apps on his pc then you can buy a new one with high processing power and heavy graphics rendering attributes, it may get slightly heavy on the pocket but here we are talking about our dad who has always kept our need ahead of his.

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18. Treat at his best place:

I bet your father will love treat at his favorite place, sometimes in life to make a person happy you don’t need to spend too much money, just buy him a nice dinner at his favorite place and spend some quality time with him that will show your love and care towards your dad and will make his day memorable.

As this time father’s day is on the 19th of June 2017, We Happy Fathers day has made a list of 21 gift ideas from which you can select the one that you find best.