Top #10+ Funny Fathers Day 2018 Poems ✅

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Top #10 Funny Fathers Day 2018 Poems

Funny Happy Fathers Day Poems
Funny Happy Fathers Day 2018  Poems
A father can play like a kid, advice like a friend and protect like a body guard. As people say that any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad. His life changes when he has a child, that is the time his family is completed. He gets his own family when he attains fatherhood. He becomes more careful about what he does, every step he takes he thinks about his children and family and their happiness becomes a priority. His happiness lies in seeing his children grow day by day. He smiles when he looks at his children. He is like a mirror, when his children gets hurt, he get hurt too and when they are happy, he finds his happiness in them. He sacrifices his desires to make his children feel contented.

Here are some beautiful poems to make your dad rejoice. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!

Father's day come and they go that's a reality
Plenty of yours have come and gone some a specialty
I wish for you my darling dad that every one be a winner
So just to make this one special I am taking you out to dinner
Do not panic, do not fret, you can leave your wallet at home
I said this one was special so I am bearing the cost alone
I will pick you up we will have a blast just you wait and see
I have not bothered with reservations as you don't need them at KFC.

Funny Fathers Day Poems 2017
Funny Fathers Day Poems 2017

My dirty little hand print
I've left on every wall
And on the drawers and table tops
I've really marked them all.
But here is one that won't rub off,
I'm giving it to you...
Do you know why??
Well, I'm so thankful
to have a father like you.

Because I could not drive myself
You kindly drove for me
The minivan held only ourselves
Or sometimes the whole family --
We slowly drove -- you knew no haste
To soccer and to Girl Scouts, too
And my spelling bee
Thanks for driving me everywhere, Dad. 

Funny Father’s Day 2017 Poems
Funny Father’s Day 2018 Poems

When you took me fishing dad
It was quite great.
We got the worms and extra bait,
But for the life of me,
I couldn't figure out,
How we'd catch fried fish on a plate?
You showed me how to bait the hook,
You showed me how to cast my line.
We put our bells on for alert.
All that was pretty cool and fine.
We sat there in the morning mist,
We later ate our sandwiches.
We watched the speed boats and sea gulls fly.
We watched the sun set in the sky.
But I didn't want to interfere,
I didn't want to ask,
When would the fried fish come up?
Oh Well,
Maybe with the next cast.

There’s a time to love and a time to hate.
There’s a time to be early and a time to be late.
There’s a time to go steady and a time to just date.
There’s a time to fish and a time to cut bait.
There’s a time to open presents and a time to wait.
There’s a day to tell you, Dad,
You’re Great!
Happy Father’s Day! 

Funny Fathers Day 2017 Poems
Funny Fathers Day 2018 Poems

They say if you’re a father
You’ve got eyes behind your head,
And lots of fine-tuned radar
When your kids are off to bed.
They say when you’re a father
That your arms are wide for hugging,
And also wide enough to stop
Your children from wild slugging.
They say when you’re a father
That your kids think you’re not “fair.”
But when they are in trouble,
Well, they know you’ll soon be there.
They say when you’re a father
You must mix your work with play.
And when your kids grow older,
They’ll say,
“Happy Father’s Day.”

With just one look
my dad said all I needed to hear.
With just one look
my dad instilled a reverential fear
With just one look
my dad let us kids know just who was boss.
With just one look
his pride and love would always come across. 

Father’s Day Funny Poems 2017
Father’s Day Funny Poems 2018

Pull up your pants.
Comb your hair.
Brush your teeth.
Don't you stare..
Mind your manners.
Do your homework.
Don't stay up too long.
Take out the trash.
Rake the leaves.
Cut the grass.
Don't play too rough.
Being a dad sure is tough.

You’re the tops.
Your list of good traits
Never stops.
You’re smart.
You’re strong.
You’re always there
To fix a bike
Or change a spare.
You’re good for laughs
And grins and yucks
(and could I please
have twenty bucks?)

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