Top # 5 Sweet Happy Fathers Day Poems From Kids

Sweet Happy Fathers Day Poems From Kids: Hey there are you looking for some of the best Sweet Happy Fathers Day Poems From Kids? then you are at the right place, we Father's Day 2016 have published some of the best Sweet Happy Fathers Day Poems From Kids especially for you.

Top 5 Sweet Happy Fathers Day Poems From Kids

Sweet Happy Fathers Day Poems From Kids
Sweet Happy Fathers Day Poems From Kids

"Father"!! what comes to one's mind when he/she hears this word? Best friend, first friend, true friend!! Just a friend? No, he is much more than just a friend. He is a guide, a mentor, a philosopher, a teacher, a hero. He is the king for his children and he treats his son as a prince. He raise him as a prince without being deceived for anything. He can move mountains to see a smile on his children's face. When a child is young he thinks his father is his hero, a super hero in fact. His love is everlasting and eternal. He sacrifices his last piece of bread to feed you and fill your stomach and he himself will survive with an empty stomach but never let you down. He is a god chosen angel in one's life. A son can look up to his father to live like him and follow his foot steps to be a great husband, a father and a grand father. His life is a guideline to live for a son. Son's and fathers share a bond which is closer than the father and daughter's bond. 

Enjoy the day by spending time with your father and family. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY...!

Don’t you think it’s TIME dad,
to get to know each OTHER.
So tell me all about your life.
just like I was your brother.
Lets TALK and laugh and have a joke
just like grown men do.
The only man on earth I love
and I want to know you.


A Father MEANS so many things... 
An understanding heart, 
A source of strength and support right from the very START. 

A constant readiness to help 
In a kind and thoughtful way. 
With encouragement and forgiveness, 

No matter what comes your way. 
A special generosity and always affection, too. 
A father means so many things 
when he's a man like you.... 


Hey Pops it's your day
That means today everything is done you way
So until the clock strikes twelve
You get to choose so get that brain in a delve

Pub, golf, what's it to be
We can get a crowd or just you and me
Maybe you would like to be surprised instead
You look dumbstruck so will I take that as read

Give me a bit time and I will sort something out
I can organize things so don't look in doubt
I am sure this day will be one of your best Father's day
Just go with the flow and for once do it my way


You were always there when I needed you
Encouraging, supporting all the things I used
to do
Showing me the way to go
I was amazed at the things you would know

Dad will sort it I can hear myself say
and you did you know in your quiet way
So when it comes to this day of the year
I try to show you in my way just how much
I care
Happy fathers day to the Greatest Dad in the World


Daddy I love you - you are a wonderful man
You play games with me and fix my toys when you can
So I have put lots of KISSES in this card
I hope you like it as I tried very hard


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