#30+ Happy Fathers Day # 2018 Wishes For Dad ✅

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30+ Happy Fathers Day 2018 Wishes For Dad

Happy Fathers Day Wishes For Dad
Happy Fathers Day Wishes For Dad

One father is more than a hundred Schoolmasters. - George Herbert,Outlandish Proverbs, 1640
is one of the sweetest word
Anyone can say,
The letters of FAMILY means…
“Father and Mother I Love You.. !!”

I am indeed blessed to have
Someone like you as my father
On this special day
I'd like to thank you for everything
You are my hero dad. I Love You.
Happy Fathers Day

My father always told me, ‘Find a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.’ - Jim Fox

F= Forever With His Family
A= Always There For You No Matter What
T= The Only One Who’s There
H= He’s My Hero Till The End
E= Encouraging In Everything I Do
R= Really The Only One…
No One Can Beat Him He’s The Best!!!

You always gave me hope, and you vowed never to stop, thank you for everything. Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day.

I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection. - Sigmund Freud

Your guiding hand on my shoulder,
Will remain with me forever.
Thanks for always being there Papa.
Happy Father's Day!

Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a dad. - Anne Geddes

Father, thank you for teaching me to be myself, for never letting me down, for always being next to me, for always making me lough, even when I never wanted to smile. Thank you for being by my side, I love you!

No one's Father is so sweet.
Your kind ways just can't be beat.
I Love you in a big way,
Wish you a very Happy Father's Day!

Words cannot describe what you mean to me, you have made my life seem like a dream, you have made my life perfect. Happy Father’s Day Dad.

Daddy, I love you so,
You are my inspiration,
You are a picture of strength and serenity,
And I shall love you till eternity!
Happy Fathers Day.

Life was a lot simpler when what we honored was father and mother rather than all major credit cards. - Robert Orben

Happy, Happy Happy Father’s Day!
No one has a father so sweet
Your kind ways just cant be beat
Happy Happy Happy Father’s Day
I love you in a big big way!

God gave me the greatest gift I ever had,
God gave me a best friend in the form of my dad.
Father's Day wishes for a dad who is one in a million!

Small boy’s definition of Father’s Day: It’s just like Mother’s Day only you don’t spend so much.

Happy Father's Day means
More than flowers and gifts
It means saying Thank You
It means saying I Love You
You are the best dad, and my best friend
Today is your day.

This day is not about ordinary people, It is about special people, It is about you! I love you daddy.

By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he’s wrong. - Charles Wadsworth

You've seen me laugh
You've seen me cry
And always you were there with me
I may not have always said it
But thanks, I love you
Happy Father's Day.

If the relationship Of father to son Could really be reduced to biology, The whole earth would blaze With the glory of fathers and sons.
Happy Father’s Day.

The greatest gift I ever had
Came from God; I call him Dad!

Here's a little song to say "Happy, happy Father's day!"
No one's Father is so sweet.
Your kind ways just can't be beat.
Happy happy Father's day;
I love you in a big way!
With Love on Father's Day.

For the best dad who always had a smile for me.
Though we may be far apart right now,
But here's a big hug and kiss for my special Dad.

Father, you are my hero, my role model, when I was just a little boy, you taught me to never give up, to chase my dreams, and I am very thankful for that, because without your support, I would be where I am today!

Daddy, you are the sunshine to my dark days,
My inspirer, my first hero,
When I see you, I always want to smile
Because you’re the only one
Who truly makes me happy!
Love you very much!.

A dad is someone who
wants to catch you before you fall
but instead picks you up,
brushes you off,
and lets you try again.

Thank you for your love and care, for happy childhood days, celebrations and unforgettable moments!
Dear Dad, I wish you long days, filled with joy and happiness!

Dear Dad, I am thankful for the love you gave,
You taught me how to smile
And you held me, when I slipped on my way.
You believed me, when nobody did,
Every day you give me strength to live!.

In happiness, in sorrow You were always there for me I may not have always said it But, it’s the day to say it loud.
‘I Love You Dad’
Happy Fathers Day!.

How true Daddy’s words were when he said:
“All children must look after their own upbringing.”
Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths,
But the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.

It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us fathers and sons.

If the past cannot teach the present and the father cannot teach the son,
Then history need not have bothered to go on,
And the world has wasted a great deal of time.

Love matches, so called, have illusion for their father and need for their mother.

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