Short Fathers Day Poems # 2018 - Top # 10+ ✅

Short Fathers Day Poems : are you looking for the best Short Fathers Day Poems? then you are at the right place. we, Father's day 2018 have collected the best Short Fathers Day Poems for your loving father.

Here is a day to celebrate and make the most important person in your life to feel loved and special. This day was introduced to complement Mother's day and since then it's been celebrated in almost 55 countries.

He is there for his children's need, he does all the work, he can be anything for his child. He is a mentor, tutor, guide. He can be rude sometimes but that is only for good and we have to sense his care and love in his words, we should understand the reason behind his rudeness and not his strong words. Never leave him alone, always support him since he has raised you and is the main reason for what you are today.

On a special day meant for the great person, wish him through these short poems.  The day can be made memorable through your lovely wishes for your father or the people who hold a father's place. 

Short Happy Fathers Day 2018 Poems

Short Fathers Day Poems 2017
Short Fathers Day Poems 2018

I am so very pleased to have this chance to say
I am so glad a few years ago they produced a father's day
It gives me the opportunity to tell you in a card
What a wonderful dad you are - you work at it really hard
Whenever I need a helping hand you are never far away
I am proud to be your son/daughter - have a great father's day

Daddy, I love you
For all that you do.
I'll KISS you and hug you
'Cause you love me, too.
You feed me and need me
To teach you to play.
So smile because I love you
On this Happy Father's Day.

Fathers need not fathers be.
All one needs to do is choose
To love for life, and that embrace,
Held long and hard, bestows the grace
Each craves. For all in time must lose,
Restored alone by memory.
So now it is with you and me. 
Short Father’s Day Poems
Short Father’s Day Poems

A father is a source of strength,
A teacher and a guide,
The one his family looks up to
With loving trust and pride...
A father is a helper
With a willing hand to lend,
A partner, an adviser,
And the finest kind of friend.

To my dad on his day,
Of whom I am a living will:
May your happiness fulfill
Your goodness, as is just and right.
Deeds are seeds upon the night
As wind and wonder have their way,
Delivering the destined light.  
Short Father’s Day 2017 Poems
Short Father’s Day 2017 Poems

My daddy is the greatest;
The best dad there ever was.
He always brings me lots of joy;
He's my very own Santa Claus.
My daddy can do anything;
He's smart as smart can be.
I love to walk and hold his hand
To show he belongs to me.
I love my daddy!

You are my hero, Dad.
You're my secure foundation.
When I think of you, I'm filled with love.
And fond appreciation.
You have a place of honor.
Deep within my heart.
You've been my superhero, Dad,
Right from the very start. 
Father’s Day 2017 Short Poems
Father’s Day 2017 Short Poems

"F" aithful.
"A" lways there.
"T" rustworthy.
"H" onoring.
"E" ver-loving.
"R" ighteous.
"S" upportive.

A Dad is one who
Is always there
Can always be counted on
Always has time
Always encouraging
That is you Dad,
Thanks for all you do! 
Short Fathers Day Poems
Short Fathers Day Poems

Happy Fathers Day
Happy Fathers day means more
than have a happy day
It means i love you first of all
Then thanks for all you do
It means you mean a lot to me
and that I honor you.

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